PHP 7.3

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PHP 7.3

Post by cmb » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:45 pm


PHP 7.3 is alread in RC stage, so it seems to be reasonable to check CMSimple_XH and plugins/addons/templates for potential incompatibilities. The notable changes are listed in the UPGRADING document. Most relevant for us may be:
  1. flexible heredoc/nowdoc syntax
  2. Undefined variables passed to compact()
  3. declaration of case-insensitive constants has been deprecated (presumably nobody uses case-insensitive constants, but it closes a loophole in our XH_ADM/$adm security mitigation)
  4. preg_quote() now also escapes the '#' character
  5. PCRE extension has been upgraded to PCRE2
  6. session.cookie_samesite
Probably not much to worry about, but item #6 might be something that we'd like to implement.

The biggest issue I currently see, is that uopz is still not compatible with PHP 7.3, so that the CMSimple_XH unit tests can't be run against PHP 7.3. Also this makes it hard for me to release a Portable_XH version with PHP 7.3.
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