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Bug in Newsletter-Plugin

Post by Holger » Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:55 pm

Hi jerry,

maybe you remember that I have made some paid installation with your Newsletter-Plugin.

Now I've made a test with your latest version 2.4.2. and there is a bug with the generated confirmation link in the mail. The link only contains "//", without protocol.
The problem is in index.php, line 188:

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$subscribe.=newsletter_subscription_mail($subscribermail, $plugin_tx['newsletter']['subscribe_confirm_subject'],$plugin_tx['newsletter']['subscribe_confirm'],'//'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$sn."?newsletterconfirm&cnf=".$confirm_str);


Code: Select all

$subscribe.=newsletter_subscription_mail($subscribermail, $plugin_tx['newsletter']['subscribe_confirm_subject'],$plugin_tx['newsletter']['subscribe_confirm'],CMSIMPLE_URL."?newsletterconfirm&cnf=".$confirm_str);
Using CMSIMPLE_URL should do the trick ;) .

Edit: beside this, $subject is broken if it contains special characters (tested with PHP 7.2.0). Seems to be an issue with PHPMailer - Version :? .

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