Quoted attributes in oEdit

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Quoted attributes in oEdit

Post by Tata » Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:54 am

oEditor is undoubtly the simplest but also probably the most used CMSimple editor. It has some features, which may make: 1. some of plugins not working properly
2. making validators reporting wrong syntax
3. confusing people when entering the HTML mode and loooking for some ponits they had editted before (these are saved in different positions as they were editted)
1. When inserting an image from the list in oEditor, following happens:
a. Inserted: <IMG src=“images/myimage.jpg“>
b. Saved: <IMG src=”http://localhost/cmsimple/images/myimage.jpg”>

2. When changing dimension of the image in oEditor, following happens:
a. Inserted: <IMG src=“images/myimage.jpg“ HEIGHT=“200“ WIDTH=“200“>
b. Saved: <IMG height=200 src=“images/myimage.jpg“ width=200>

Can somebody explain:
Where and how shall be the code changed to avoid inserting the full path?
Where and how shall be the code changed to keep the dimensions quoted?
Is there a way to extend the configuration of cmsimple or oEditor with an option to keep all attributes either in small or in CAPS?
It's no shame to ask for an answer if all efforts failed.
But it's awful to ask without any effort to find the answer yourself.

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