Editors background editorarea

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Editors background editorarea

Postby Gert » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:08 am

Following should work with FCKeditor and TinyMCE:

Different backgrounds for Template and EditorArea of Editor:
Unterschiedliche Hintergründe für Template und EditorArea des Editor:

1. The Editor uses (by default in CMSimple_XH) for the EditorArea the values of body {background: #xyz;} in the stylesheet.css of the template.
Der Editor nimmt (im Auslieferungszustand CMSimple_XH) für die EditorArea die Werte von body {background: #xyz;} in der stylesheet.css des aktiven Templates.


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body {background: #fff; ...;}  // white background for Template AND Editorarea

2. You can define different backgrounds for Template and EditorArea by giving the body an id, there you can define the values for the template-background.
Du kannst unterschiedliche Hintergründe für Template und EditorArea definieren, indem Du dem body-tag eine id gibst und dort die Werte definierst, die Du als Template-Hintergrund haben willst.


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body {background: #000; ...;} // black background for EditorArea

#anything {background: #fff; ...;} // white background for the Template

3. Give the body-tag of the template.htm the "id" you have defined in the stylesheet.css:
Gib dem body-tag im Template die in der stylesheet.css definierte "id":


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<body id="anything" <?php echo onload();?>>

Now the Template have a white background (#fff) and the EditorArea a black background (#000).
Jetzt hat das Template einen weissen Hintergrund (#fff) und die EditorArea einen schwarzen (#000).

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Re: Editors background editorarea

Postby Kurt » Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:41 pm

Super Tip!

Thank you


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Re: Editors background editorarea

Postby Termin » Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:17 am

Hello Clarkson

Many of these, if you want to change the background to a different colour, use the table below web colors


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