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Re: CMSimple 4.5.2 V CMSimple XH

Post by cmb » Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:55 pm

Hugorm wrote:Is it worth considering, as an exsample, a plugin or rutine suitable for CMSimple_XH?
Could a start be a updated text file with all known vulnerabilities listed?
Maybe an item under: Security section?
Well, that doesn't seem to be possible. I'll try to explain. For instance, there is a group of vulnerabilities called Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS). One of the most typical bugs that lead to such XSS vulnerabilities is missing to validate/sanitize user input. However, user input can come from several sources (the URL that is requested, form fields, CGI-Variables, external resources, etc.) It is practically impossible to try all inputs, and to find eventual vulnerabilities. And XSS is only a single group out of many...

AFAIK there are tools which do static analysis, i.e. the look at the (PHP) source code to see whether some common patterns can be found which might result in vulnerabilities. However, even if such a tool is freely available (we have a rather "limited" budget), it probably would take a lot of work to customize it for our purposes.

With regard to automated testing we have some tests in place to check for some vulnerabilities (amongst them some of those which have been actually found). However, these tests are not distributed with CMSimple_XH, but there available in the SourceForge repository.
Christoph M. Becker – Plugins for CMSimple_XH

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