COUNTX a Simple Website Visitor Counter Plugin

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COUNTX a Simple Website Visitor Counter Plugin

Post by jadefusion » Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:55 am

At a loss for something to do one rainy day last week, I turned a simple script I had been using for quite some time to count visitors to my site into a plugin for CMSimple.

Countx counts the number of visitors to a web site. To help reduce false counts the IP address of the visitor is noted and any page hits from that IP over a preset period (set by the expire time) are assumed to be from the the same visitor.

As an option the following visitor data can also be recorded... Date, IP, Hostname, Browser, URI, Referrer

For further information please read the help file that comes with the plugin.

Download the Countx Counter Plugin 1.00rc1 - - 30Kb


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