The future of CMSimple_XH

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The future of CMSimple_XH

Post by wbs » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:48 pm

There is an ongoing discussion about positioning CMSimple_XH for the future in the German section. I think that the non German speaking audience should be able to express their opinion as well.

One point is renaming the CMS to avoid confusion with CMSimple. An argument against renaming is that we might loose people who are currently using CMSimple(_XH) when they want to update their websites. We could redirect old CMSimple_XH domains and place prominent notes about the namechange at the homepages.

The most important thing for refreshing CMSimple_XH's cooperate identity and enabling a real user friendly access to the CMS is to acquire (wo)manpower for the team. I for my part am helping to translate texts from German to English. It would be great if people offered some services to make CMSimple_XH a more professional project. Note that your help would be completely based on how much time you're ready to put into it. There are no strings attached, every effort counts.

The greatest asset of CMSimple_XH is the community driven character of it. So let's make it a group effort to give the developers more time for the development!

I'm looking forward to your input.

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