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Free webspace hosting

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:39 pm
by wbs
Where do you guys host your websites? I don't really have a need for websites for myself, so I'm testing on free accounts. I've testet three of them so far.
  • offers 1 or 2 GB of webspace with lots of databases (mysql and postresql). The number of databases is depending on whether one choses the 1 or 2 GB plan. Fsockopen isn't activated, so you basically can't do automatic updating or check for updates.
  • is made by the bplaced guys. Fsockopen is activated but there are some decent ads.
  • offers free hosting with fsockopen, MySQL databases and without ads.
Do you know other free hosts?

/edit: I removed my opinions about the hosts.

Re: Free webspace hosting

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:31 am
by Maxim

Re: Free webspace hosting

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:37 pm
by wbs
My Account got suspended. I contacted support and they said it was a misunderstanding, i was marked as fraud. I got reactivated immideately.

Here's a link with a free hosting list from 2017:


Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:57 am
by Maxim