Help Maintaining/Updating CMSimple (XH) Plugins "News", "Youtube" and "Pictures"

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Help Maintaining/Updating CMSimple (XH) Plugins "News", "Youtube" and "Pictures"

Post by Phrax » Tue Dec 01, 2020 12:09 am


I am looking for developers that are interested in contributing to/maintaining some of my older CMSimple (XH) plugins:

* News:
* Youtube:
* Pictures:

For several years now I have not been able to actively maintain these plugins. Nevertheless, I still receive questions/comments on these plugins on a regular basis and it would be unfortunate for them to slowly "die". For example, I haven't tested these plugins using the latest CMSimple (XH) versions. Still, I get questions of people trying to use them with more recent CMSimple (XH) versions.

If anyone is interested in contributing to these plugins (or even maintaining them more actively) feel free to do so on GitHub and please contact me directly (I will not check the forum and might overlook GitHub issues, see email at


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Re: Help Maintaining/Updating CMSimple (XH) Plugins "News", "Youtube" and "Pictures"

Post by Tata » Tue Dec 01, 2020 6:50 am

I tested the plugin with 1.7.4. No problems so far.
I have found an older installation of the webpage with 1.6.10. and here everything works fine. So I think there is some incompatibility in the themeswitcher and 1.7.4.
It's no shame to ask for an answer if all efforts failed.
But it's awful to ask without any effort to find the answer yourself.

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