Language string in imgalbum

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Language string in imgalbum

Postby Tata » Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:37 am

I use imgalbum at in various albums. Now I see that in zoomed pictures, there is fron language strings in $plugin_tx['imgalbum']['magnificpopup_counter']. It writes e.g. (in SK): Foto 2 af 34. In sk.php is defined

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$plugin_tx['imgalbum']['magnificpopup_counter']="Obrázok: %curr% z %total%"
The only file using this variable is /plugins/imgalbum/libs/magnificpopup/magnific-popup.css and it has

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            //tCounter: '<span class=\"mfp-counter\">Foto: %curr% af %total%</span>'
            tCounter: '".$plugin_tx[$plugin]['magnificpopup_counter']."'

I tried to add $sl to globals. Also tried to directly rewrite the string. Nothing has helped. The Counter sound Danish, anyway.
Thanks to Chris's hint, the expressions had to be correncted in plugins/imgalbum/libs/lightbox/js/lightbox.js #71 and 72. This is useful only on webpage od one language, however.
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