Please post the URLs to sites, you've set up in CMSimple, here!
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Postby svasti » Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:24 pm

Finally online:

For SEO-reasons each page starts with an <h1> which is the slogan top right, followed by the menu, followed by an <h2>, which is entered via morepagedata (the text on the blue line), after which the text follows. There are no <hx> at all in the text, the usual pageheaders have been made to disappear.
<title> however makes some use of the pageheaders.

Plugins: morepagedata, sitemapper and codeeditor(which doesn't really work)
Entering contents has been done directly into the content.htm with an editor (PSPad)
This is a case where none of our editor are useful, as all content is in multiple complicated divs.
Anyhow for textchangements the siteowner will contact me.

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